Features & Benefits

  • New and Improved Design

  • All Metal Construction

  • Polished Alloy Casting

  • Stainless Steel Components

  • Hand Assembled

  • One-Handed Operation

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship

  • Vintage Style Finish

  • Perfect Bartop Accessory

How It Works

  1. With the handles relaxed in the open position, place the opener straight over top of the bottle

  2. Be sure the Cap-Off is loosely centered over top of the bottle and flat to the surface of the cap

  3. Gently squeeze the handles until resistance is felt, allowing the grippers to position themselves

  4. With tension on the bottle opener, quickly and firmly squeeze the handles together

  5. Be careful not to pry, twist or torque the opener or bottle as you depress the handles

  6. With a satisfying *POP* your bottle cap is removed

  7. Release the tension on the handles and the cap should fall out with a quick shake

  8. Your beer is now ready to be savored and enjoyed

  9. Repeat as needed

HINT:  Try using the Eagle Cap-Off one-handed with your other hand holding the bottle firmly to a level surface!

Care & Maintenance

The Eagle Cap-Off's finish was specifically designed to mimic its antique counterpart from the 1940s. As the opener is enjoyed, it will gain additional patina and wear to further enhance it's vintage look! The bar tool is lubricated and broken-in as part of the manufacturing process but additional use will keep it moving freely and ensure the smooth operation of all the parts. Under no circumstances should the side screws be removed or overtightened. Should they ever loosen up over time, please contact us or repair at your own risk! Please be sure to only GENTLY tightened (clock-wise) the screws until any resistance is detected. The casting and the side screws may break should they be torqued past their limits. The cap grippers and the gripper springs can be damaged and were not designed to be re-assembled once the side screws are set and the cap plate riveted onto the center plunger.

Should one want to additionally lubricate and protect the metal parts, an aerosol spray lubricant works best. The areas with the red arrow (see image below) are the main points where we recommend lubricating the tool should you choose to in the future. Be sure to depress the center plunger by squeezing the handles when applying lubricant to ensure it flows into the cavity and crevices of the casting.


Do Not Pry

Although the Eagle Cap-Off is built like a tank, it can be damaged so please take note. Once in a while the opener may malfunction due to improper alignment or cap slippage. Don't worry...just release the handles, slightly rotate the bottle (60° to be exact) and re-attempt to remove the cap. Please DO NOT PRY should the cap not complete come off the bottle as intended.  

We have all been conditioned to pry and this will be everyone's knee-jerk reaction when the cap gets stuck. We stress again, DO NOT PRY as this may cause one or more of the cap grippers to bend. The Cap-Off is engineered to evenly grip the cap from all 3 points, if a gripper is bent (even slightly) the function of the tool will be negatively impacted. Should this happen, please stop use and contact us for some troubleshooting techniques. Do not attempt to disassemble your Eagle Cap-Off as this may lead to additional functionality issues!