Eagle Cap-Off Combo


Eagle Cap-Off Combo


This Eagle Cap-Off Combo pack combines the best of both!  Receive ( 1 ) Eagle Cap-Off Bottle Opener and ( 1 ) Eagle Cap-Off T-Shirt. 

Sizes: Only Medium Left

Colors: Gray

Open any capped bottle with just a squeeze but remember..."DO NOT PRY"!

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Place the opener straight over top of the bottle. Squeeze the hand grips together, which closes the cap grippers on the inside of the device. The grippers wedge underneath the cap as a center plunger applies downward pressure to the top of the bottle cap. With a satisfying *POP* your cap is removed and your beer is ready to enjoy. You can even use the Cap-Off one-handed! The Cap-Off is perfect for those who collect bottle caps because it does not bend or scratch them. Unlike traditional pry-off bottle openers, the Cap-Off grips the cap from three sides while depressing the top, thus leaving only a slight, concentric indentation in the surface.   

IMPORTANT: In preparation to receive your Eagle Cap-Off Bottle Opener, we ask that you to take some time to review our "How to Use" page on this website. This page contains some helpful tips and tricks to keep your Eagle Cap-Off working and looking great for years to come. Please remember..."DO NOT PRY"!

Once received, DO NOT OPEN the package with anything sharp including scissors, a knife, etc. We cannot be held responsible for damaged caused by the recipient after the package is delivered. If damage has occurred in transit, please save all packaging as it is require to file an insurance claim.  Failure to do so will ultimately forfeit your right to return the merchandise.

Ohio residents subject to state sales tax on all orders.

Please allow up to 5 business days to ship.